You’re Losing Subs!

00:00:35 – Good morning, it’s the Woodworking Morning Show
00:01:35 – Thanks to our Patreon subscribers!
00:02:20 – “Regular” channel ruminations
00:04:30 – New employee announcement
00:06:00 – Router bit mishap
00:09:32 – How do you thin your Tried and True oil?
00:13:15 – How can I get cedar to retain its color?
00:15:25 – Can I fix my combination square if it’s out of square?
00:18:30 – What’s a good starter plane?
00:20:20 – Are you doing YouTube subscriber stars and membership?
00:21:50 – After following your bandsaw setup video, it still gives a rough cut. What gives?
00:23:45 – What’s going to happen to the offcuts channel?
00:24:55 – How can I prevent my Rubio from forming a film finish in the can?
00:26:45 – How can I hide the hardwood in a hidden shelf?
00:27:55 – What’s the second plane to buy after the low angle jack plane?
00:29:35 – Should I upgrade my benchtop jointer or benchtop planer first?
00:31:35 – Thanks for all you do! Another great resource
00:32:30 – Do you have plans to use the CNC in a guild project?
00:36:20 – Can you critique my tabletop design and see if it will be stable?
00:38:50 – Where can I get that shirt?
00:41:15 – What finish should I use on my kitchen counter?
00:42:50 – How can I repair a dado cut that’s in the wrong spot?
00:44:08 – How can I reboot my passion for woodworking?
00:49:45 – Can you splice plywood together?

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