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00:00:37 – Welcome to the WoodWhisperer Morning Show
00:01:05 – Thanks to our new Patreon subscribers
00:01:40 – YouTube membership announcements
00:04:23 – Mail time! – What’s your strategy for building furniture if you don’t need any?
00:09:30 – Is the speed control on an HVLP worth the upgrade?
00:11:20 – Would you recommend a “barrister bookcase” style door for a shop cabinet?
00:14:40 – How do you clean your dust collection filters?
00:17:00 – What are some gadgets you can use in the shop to assist with material handling?
00:20:50 – How do I become a member on YouTube?
00:21:50 – When can we expect the big green egg table plans?
00:23:40 – Any chance on an update on your sharpening methods?
00:26:00 – How’s the finish holding up on the bunk bed?
00:28:45 – Can you talk about the quality of Laguna tools?
00:29:45 – Can I use polyurethane as a floor sealer?
00:33:10 – Do you have an opinion on the Shaper Origin?
00:34:17 – What projects are coming down the pipeline?
00:35:25 – Do you have a BBQ YouTube channel as well?
00:36:30 – Would you be a cook if you couldn’t be a woodworker?
00:36:52 – What’s your go-to furniture hardware?
00:38:25 – What’s your opinion on standalone router tables vs table saw extension wing?
00:41:15 – Can Rubio work well on the gaming dining room table?
00:43:00 – Any way to prevent the bearings on the router bit from marking up veneer?
00:44:55 – What’s a good first “grown-up” set of chisels?
00:48:05 – What is the project you’re going to do with the “budget-friendly” tools?
00:49:05 – Have you considered doing an all hand tools project?
00:51:00 – Is there any downside to utilizing a french cleat storage system?
00:53:40 – Can you propose a good mask for dust and fumes?

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