Who Flocking Cares?! – The Wood Whisperer

00:00:42 – Welcome to the Woodworking Morning Show
00:01:30 – Thanks to our new Patreon subscribers and YouTube Members!
00:02:08 – Matt’s Dressing Vanity guild project. The preorder sale ends today!
00:03:28 – Intro to Sketch-Up guild project up for pre-order
00:05:20 – Dice Tower project released today
00:06:55 – Woodworkers Fighting Cancer live TODAY! Auction runs for 2 weeks
00:10:38 – Why did you decide on a project based membership vs yearly subscription?
00:12:45 – How can you age or distress cherry?
00:14:55 – How can I avoid blotching cherry? Miter Station
00:18:00 – What are the benefits/drawbacks vs sprayed on flocking vs peel and stick velvet?
00:19:55 – How durable is flocking?
00:21:02 – How do I sand between finish coats?
00:22:58 – How can I become self-employed?
00:27:10 – Do you shellac your end grain before glue-ups?
00:28:40 – What is the difference between Osmo top oil and polyx?
00:29:53 – Any advice on sanding round edges?
00:33:05 – How can I seal in signatures on a finished surface?
00:34:53 – Should the bottom of a cabinet scraper be flat?
00:36:18 – Can you use your existing pneumatic equipment for composite nails?
00:38:30 – Tee shirts announcement
00:39:00 – Would you have changed anything about your Big Green Egg table?
00:41:00 – Can you use milled 4/4 boards for the gaming dining tabletop?
00:42:38 – When would I use a belt sander vs a disc sander on a disc/belt sander combo?
00:43:50 – Should I make a herringbone pattern out of solid wood or glue a veneer to a substrate?
00:44:33 – How can I make a 3-way miter joint like pictured?

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