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Do any of you remember way back to those classic cartoons where there would be a good angel and a bad angel sitting on the shoulders of some character? They were both trying to influence the poor sap — the good angel being the voice of reason and goodness, while the bad angel encouraging the selfish nature to prevail.

Well, there is a tool and woodworking product auction going on right now for employees of our parent company, and those angels are on my shoulders and talking up a storm. To answer the good angel: “No, I really don’t need any of these items … you’re right.” To the bad angel: “Yes, that would be totally cool! After all, I only live once!”

Alas, this is not the first nor likely the last test of my common sense and maturity. (Not to mention my checkbook!) It’s really a morality play, and the outcome is in still in flux.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Making a Game Board

Cutting a lot of holes for a game board, like this peg jumping game, is a perfect job for a CNC machine. Rob Johnstone demonstrates how the NextWave SD110 makes easy work of this task. Then, he shows you how to complete the set by finishing several game pegs, including a practical use for your test board.

Click Here to Download the Game Board Files.

This game is a version of Chinese Checkers made for two people. For rules see this page.

Going “Green” and Where to Find It

Feeding tree through portable saw mill

Finding unseasoned lumber needn’t be that tough if you start by looking (very!) close to home. Rob Johnstone explores some of the likely sources for unseasoned lumber.

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