Pine Wood Lego Table

The spare lego pieces are both the best and worst.  The best because this is where imaginations come alive.  The worst because no one wants to step on a lego, much less pick them up constantly.  Lego pieces are getting smaller and smaller.  And more of them.

So I decided to build a lego table for my littles to pile their mix matched and leftover legos into.

It conveniently hinges closed to hide it all and create a surface for other play –

diy lego table

And you can build storage for under it, if you want.

diy lego table

I know this one looks complicated, but it really isn’t! 

You can build this project with just off the shelf pine boards, some screws or nails, and your basic saws.  Nothing fancy needed here!

Skeptical?  Watch the build video –


And the free plans follow:

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