Online extras from FWW issue #294

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Online extras from FWW issue #294

Video: Inspired designs

Garrett Hack  discusses various pieces that have informed and inspired his designs throughout his career.

house at night

Video: Rebuilding a dream shop

Join Karen McBride as she relives her journey from dilapidated house to snug, humming shop.

Video: Sharpening Fundamentals

Video: Sharpening Fundamentals

In this updated video series, Bob Van Dyke covers the tried-and-true sharpening basics you need for the successful use of hand tools. Watch and learn:

  •  the basics of all the popular sharpening mediums
  • bevel angles, micro-bevels, and hollow grinding
  • Bob’s methods for sharpening chisels, handplanes, and carving gouges

Video: Marked improvement

In this video, Curtis Buchanan demonstrates how he uses black milk-paint powder in a test mortise to help him identify the areas on his tenons that need shaving for a perfect fit.

Video: Glue squeeze-out tip

Video: Glue squeeze-out tip

Bob Van Dyke demonstrates his proven and simple technique for keeping glue from marring your project.

Orange blocks lined up on top of a jointer bed. Each one has a machine or funny saying written on them.

Video: Machine speed bumps 

Using a trick he learned at the Center For Furniture Craftsmanship, Jonathan Brower uses these simple machinery speedbumps as a reminder to slow down and focus while using each tool.

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