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Dear Weekly readers, there is a critically important woodworking contest in play even as you read these words. The staff of Woodworker’s Journal has become embroiled in a nearly existential question: Which of these four honey dippers is the best? Yes, the four of us each created what we thought would be the quintessential honey dipper on our lathes and have put them up for a vote.

Now it would be totally unfair for me to use this bully pulpit to present my dipper as the best one — and the one you should obviously vote for. (Frankly, why would I have to? I mean, just look at the others!)

Even so, as is probably clear with just a glance, my honey dipper was inspired by and offers homage to the incredibly popular Lord of the Rings saga. With the holder of my dipper providing an elegant and eye-catching representation of Mordor’s Barad-dûr (the Dark Tower), and yet with intense but intentional schadenfreude invoking Mount Doom and the One Ring’s demise in its volcanic fire (as seen through the cleverly placed “windows”) — your choice could not be easier! With the Tolkienesque mythology so strong and so evident, it is clear why my dipper and holder combine to make the “One dipper to rule them all.” While I am sure that my fellow staffers did their best (and have their puny thematic context as well … blah, blah, blah…) there is truly only one real option for your vote.

And yet the voting must occur. Click on the image below to see a video of us making our honey-dippers and an opportunity to vote for me (or the other guys if you feel sorry for them or something.)

Most humbly yours,

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Woodworker’s Journal Honey Dipper Challenge

We challenged our staff to come up with their own version of a honey dipper. Join in the fun and don’t forget to vote for your favorite!

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