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Last week I asked if you had a favorite woodworking jig you’d like to share. And as usual, our faithful Weekly readers fulfilled my request! You can see the photos and descriptions of these jigs in our Feedback section of today’s issue.

As promised, here’s a jig I use often. Some of you may have seen a version of this jig in the video below. It allows me to quickly and accurately set router cutting depths. I have made several versions over the years, and it is a keeper. A few of you who saw the video also noticed the error I made as I labeled the holes. This is what happens when I try to talk and write at the same time. Below is an image of the jig with corrections.

Rob Johnstone's router depth jig

Also as promised, here are the names of the three folks selected randomly to win a prize for taking the time to submit their favorite jigs:

  • Ken Lauterstein
  • Greg Sheppard
  • James Wypijewski

Each of you will receive an e-mail with a $25.00 Rockler gift certificate included.

A special thanks to everyone who submitted their photos and descriptions of favorite jigs. Keep on making sawdust!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Make a Router Depth Jig with Forstner Bits

Rob Johnstone uses Wave Cutter Forstner bits from Fisch to create a handy, easy-to-make jig that provides super accurate depth settings for your handheld router.

Sarah Listi: Problem Solving Fuels Her Passion

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Sarah Listi has turned a lifelong love of woodworking and interest in functional, useful products and projects into a career and a form of therapy amid a hectic life.

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