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I may have mentioned before that for fun in the shop, I lean towards woodturning. Not that I am terribly good at it, but there are aspects to it (only a short attention span is required, lots of wood chips are created per job, etc.) that make my time at the lathe fun.

My next adventure will be trying to turn four legs from a single green log section. I am told this was the standard operating procedure for the bodgers of old. As I am occasionally now considered an old codger, I hope to turn that “C” into a “B” in short order. I will, for your enjoyment, document my adventure and share the results here. What could possibly go wrong? Oh, let me count the ways…

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Disassembling and Cleaning a Scroll Chuck

Ernie Conover demonstrates the proper way to take a four-jaw scroll chuck apart and clean it.

Sanding Jig Thins Swollen Biscuits

Jig for sanding down biscuits

If you live in a humid area, you know the pain of swollen biscuits. Bruce Kieffer has some advice to salvage them.

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