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00:00:40 – Good morning, it’s the Woodworking Morning Show
00:01:02 – Thanks to our Patreon subscribers!
00:01:50 – New employee update. Welcome John!
00:05:15 – Nicole’s Desk Part 3 coming out today!
00:06:35 – TWW BBQ video coming out today!
00:08:43 – What do you like and not like about the Woodpeckers sharpening system?
00:11:38 – How can I use a hollow chisel mortiser for through mortises but prevent the tearout on the back side?
00:14:35 – Where did you get your shirt?
00:15:35 – How do you determine what tension your bandsaw blades should be set at?
00:17:55 – Do YouTube members get access to older after shows?
00:18:55 – How do you find a balance between seizing opportunities and your long term business plan?
00:25:30 – What’s a good wiping varnish for hardwood floors in a closet?
00:26:20 – Why are jointers more expensive than a similar width planer?
00:27:30 – How can I do a panel glue up for the back of a bookcase?
00:29:15 – How does your vertical lumber storage work?

Inexpensive Vertical Lumber Rack

00:30:05 – Can I spray a stain-poly mix?
00:31:30 – Giveaway this month!
00:32:30 – Do you finalize the joints of a panel glue up with a hand plane?
00:33:45 – What’s your ideal router table setup?
00:34:25 – Do you plane your workpieces to bring them to a uniform thickness?
00:36:20 – Have you seen that Powermatic is sponsoring Hometime?
00:38:10 – Should I get a planer if I plan on resawing with a bandsaw?
00:39:45 – How can I use pocket screws without the screw coming through?
00:41:00 – Have you used UV curable finishes?
00:42:05 – Thank you for everything you put out!
00:43:50 – When would I plane over sanding?
00:45:28 – Any news on 2020 WoodWorkers Fighting Cancer?
00:46:57 – Do you have a source for ready-made stave core stock?
00:48:17 – Would you ever replace your benchtop with a slab?
00:48:50 – Got my first order from Bell Forest! Make sure to use the guild discount!
00:49:22 – Can you compare the Veritas Mark II to the Woodpeckers sharpening guide?
00:50:20 – Can you trust pre-milled wood when ordered online?
00:52:15 – Do you have any experience with a battery-operated workshop?
00:53:20 – Do you have any ideas or resources on how to expand a woodturning business?
00:56:15 – What are your three most used router bits?
00:58:20 – Where did you get the clock?

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