Fake Accents & Weiners

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00:04:45 – Magnetic pencil case
00:06:00 – How can you become a YouTube member on iOS?
00:06:55 – What’s a good budget dust collection unit?
00:08:45 – How would you layout the vises on a workbench?
00:09:55 – Can I make the legs of the Adirondack chair thicker?
00:12:05 – What’s a good enough option to get a froe?
00:14:50 – Have you lost any pencils in your new desk?
00:15:25 – Is there a better allocation of a bandsaw budget that could provide similar benefits?
00:17:10 – How can I get back to the post-planed surface of a board post sanding?
00:19:30 – What speed should I set my router too?
00:23:20 – Is there a correlation between the final sanding grip and the effectiveness of the finish?
00:25:35 – Spreadsheet for topics
00:26:25 – Are the Festool saw blades good or would you switch to another brand?
00:28:05 – What was the square you showed in last week’s show?
00:29:10 – What’s a good topcoat for latex paint?
00:31:23 – Have you seen Woodpeckers router jig?
00:34:15 – How are you liking your CNC?
00:34:50 – Has anyone ever made a profit on a refinishing job? If so, why are they lying?
00:37:15 – Can you recommend how to ship a finished project?
00:39:20 – Any tips for keeping things in my pockets of my apron when I bend over?
00:41:15 – Why didn’t you use a french cleat system on your pencil storage case?
00:44:15 – Do you have any advice on building a Scandanavian shoulder vise?
00:45:30 – Do you have a refinishing video?
00:46:10 – Is there any concern about finishes dissolving glue?
00:46:55 – Can you recommend any products for protecting cast iron surfaces in the shop?
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