Teds Woodworking is the brainchild of Ted McGrath. As the name suggests, it is a huge compilation of woodworking project plans, blueprints, reference guides, videos, CAD software, and so on so forth. The entire assortment adds up to as much as 16,000 project plans!

The aim of the entire kit is to make it easy for people to have an unbeaten take on every woodcraft project. No project will seem impossible with this resource at your fingertips.

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To clearly understand how Ted’s Woodworking Plans work, one needs to have a good insight of the material available and making good use of them. Let us see what the contents of Ted’s Woodworking are and analyze its positives as well as negatives.

Ted’s Woodworking contains:

  • Woodwork diagrams: There are unambiguous, descriptive and precise diagrams to help giving a practical idea of any woodwork project. It is an exhaustive collection of over 16000 such diagrams. There is possibly no diagram that one can think of and it would not be available in the woodwork diagrams.
  • Working Guide: To facilitate ease while working on woodwork projects, there is a working guide. This guide contains innumerable methods and tricks that you can successfully apply in your projects.  

  • Woodworking tips: There is an excellent collection of 100 well described woodworking tips. One may add an edge to ordinary work by inculcating these useful tips.
  • Woodworking Videos: Yes! To make woodworking experiences even better, there are videos. Learning gets easier when one views the work in action. There are as many as 150 premium woodworking videos so that you can watch and learn!
  • Free Drawing and CAD plan Viewer: All this, at zero cost. The extensive kit, the free drawing and CAD plan viewer, adds on to its efficiency. Needless to say, the user’s work is facilitated even more.
  • Business Guide: For everyone who does not want to limit woodworking to a hobby or pastime, Ted’s woodworking plan includes a guide on “How to Start a Woodworking Business”. Yes! Take up woodworking as your profession. One can earn huge benefits by developing this skill. The business guide is the right aid for this.

Once you avail of the package, you earn a lifetime membership to have access to these materials. It costs no extra cent! For easy access, one may also download the materials on their desktop as well as avail of the DVD version. Convenience and luxury at the same time!

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