Book Review: The Handcarved Bowl by Danielle Rose Byrd

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The Handcrafted Bowl by Danielle Rose Byrd Blue Hills Press $28

Danielle Rose Byrd has written a helpful and insightful resource for current or would-be bowl carvers. The Handcarved Bowl provides sound information on choices, skills, and techniques, coaching the reader from the harvesting of logs to the final cuts and oiling of the finished bowl.

Sharpening, equipment selection, drying, decorating, and more are all discussed as Byrd presents step-by-step projects based on three basic bowl forms. The reader is empowered to build on this foundation to develop personal designs. There is more than one way to carve a bowl, and even experienced carvers will benefit from Byrd’s perspective and experience.

The text and photos, along with illustrations by Mattie Hinkley, clearly explain processes and situations. Byrd’s writing is natural, as if she is speaking to the reader as a caring friend with an ax. Indeed, an authentic, warmhearted attitude permeates the entire book. Byrd helps and encourages the reader through anticipated pitfalls and includes an extensive section on stretching and caring for one’s body that would benefit any woodworker.

The Handcarved Bowl will help many people to expand their skills and create wonderful bowls.

—Dave Fisher has been making all kinds of bowls for decades.

Photo: Dave Fisher

From Fine Woodworking #293

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