Adventures in Hair – The Wood Whisperer

1:04 – Welcome to the Friday Morning Bonus Show!
1:35 Happy Birthday Scott!
2:30 – Thanks to our Patreon Supporters!
4:20 – How do you use your Incra sled for crosscuts and not have the offcuts impact you?
6:50 – How do you set up new hand planes?
10:00 – After gluing up a tabletop, the top has cupped, could this have been caused by glue? What else?
11:41 – how do you deal with customers that try and low-ball you
14:21 – How is your CNC work coming?
14:40 – Marc did a Reddit AmA
16:11 – making a city skyscape lounge chair – How can I ensure everything is strong without screwing up and causing wood movement?
17:52 – How do you handle all the sawdustwood shavings that you create?
19:35 – Murphy Bed Stiles are cracking, how should I attach some reinforcements I made to stop the frame from cracking
22:41 – How do I share pictures with you?
23:45 – Nicole has low-subscriber streams that you should follow!
Jus’ Piddlin BBQ and Likewood
26:45 – Is Nicole still sending out a weekly newsletter?
27:15 – If a rich person walked up and offered you cash for your entire shop and you would need to start over, what is your magic number?
29:47 – Buy books in the TWW Store!
30:06 – How long did it take you to get your book done from start to finish?
35:54 – After rough milling, how long should I wait before doing final milling and gluing up my panel?
37:46 – Is there a benefit to something like a Tormek over just using stones?
39:38 – What would be a good bandsaw for resawing 12″ wide Maple?
41:50 – When is it best to apply a wood filler like Timbermate?
43:57 – What is behind Marc, the new baby plane?
44:42 – Would you do any type of scientific bookresearch on finishes?
46:10 – Are the monthly giveaways ever coming back?
47:41 – Have you hired someone new yet?
52:10 – No show next week!
52:18 – Marc is going to film with Darrell Peart

Started in 2006, The Wood Whisperer is the longest-running online educational series for woodworkers at Although a lot has changed throughout the years (like several shop moves, two kids, and a lot more gray hair), we’re still the same small family-run business we were when we started and we rely heavily on community support for our success.

We started Friday Live as a community-focused Q&A show featuring me (Marc) and my wife Nicole as a way to connect with other woodworkers each week. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to share thoughts and ideas with your fellow woodworkers. Join us each week at 11:30 Eastern

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